Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello There!!

Wow I think it has been a year since I last posted something here in my blog! Or just a few months maybe.. Well, plenty of reasons for that actually.

1. I totally forgot about the existence of this blog!

Not until I was updating my Facebook account and I saw the link to my blog! So I thought why don't I pay a little visit to my blog :)

2. Work has been a nightmare recently!

Okay, I know. It's the easiest way out isn't it? Blame work when the rest of your time is gone. But seriously, it is work and I have been going to a lot of places where seeing and feeling the place will be more of a benefit than spending the time I have typing or writing a blog.

Or maybe... I have been lazy. :(

3. I need my doze of sanity check

Yes. I think this is it. It has a nice ring to it. And every time I type something up, my mind eases. It's like I am a prophet in the middle of his enlightenment. Or not.

I just have too much cooped up and I guess I just feel like sharing it all here. So we'll see just how much better I will feel after a few posts

So, let's get it on then shall we?

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