Friday, January 1, 2016

Defining 2015

I did my new year's celebration inside of a clinic in South Jakarta last night. As I sat there half awake, my wife who had a bad case of a stomach bug last night, looked very apologetic at me as she said how sorry she was for making it the possibly the worst new year's celebration ever for the both of us. Amidst the noise that came from the neighborhood "dangdut" festival, which was really annoying to say the least, I sat there looking for an answer as I gaze back into 2015.

In 2015, I got married to my wife in Bali which became the most talked about wedding ceremony. This was all thanks to the freak typhoon that hit Bali just two hours before our wedding..! Thankfully we survived it and went on with our ceremony. And it was a beautiful wedding (super thanks to Mbak Erri and her whole team!) Not long after our wedding, my wife was pregnant and we were blessed with a baby Boy.

2015 was a year which defines me as a person. There were so many blessings which have made me be thankful and also a couple of misses which have made me more determined to make it happen when the next opportune comes (one of them is my honeymoon, which didn't happen because my wife got pregnant). Every now and then I hear my friends and families say to me that your life begins when you become a parent. It's funny how you are somewhat being reborn again when you have given a hand in creating a new life in this world. But now I am beginning to understand this saying of life that begins again; it is that newborn, that blank canvas which allows me to begin again with a new set of paint and brush, and creating a new art with a new definition and a renewed sense of purpose.

So my wife.. Its not a bad at all. After what you have given me in 2015, a couple of hours in the clinic with you will not give 2015 a bad after taste at all.

Cheers 2015! Now bring on 2016!

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