Monday, February 15, 2016

The Day of the Shabay

I cannot believe that it has been a year already since I marry my wife. In a moment like this is when I truly grasp the meaning of time flies. And how colorful life turned out to be for the both of us during our first year together.

After the joyful "Shabay" wedding (go check instagram for #shabay), we got busy planning for our honeymoon. How much have we been longing for a time out together in holiday, somewhere in the other parts of this world.. However, it was not meant to be as we found out that we have a baby on the way! This awesome news was then followed by us getting busy with the planning for the arrival of the baby. Not to mention all the cultural and religious ceremonies that we have to prepare for our first child. And when the bundle of joy called Mikael Aakarshan Maulada came into this world, our marriage has already come to its one year anniversary.

Despite the fast transition between wedding preparations to baby caring level of hecticness, not a moment during that one year have I not been grateful to have been blessed with your embrace.

My dear wife, Shahrina Tiara Wardhani, thank you for saying yes that day. I know you dont read my blog, but this time I hope you do. I love you luv. And here's to our everlasting moments being together.

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