Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a Jungle Out There!

It was right about 9 in the morning when we were making our way through the dense greenery of some remote jungle in East Kalimantan. Sweat was already streaming across my face due to the intense heat the tropical surrounding had caused.

"How far are we from the place we were supposed to go to?" I asked this local old man who was leading our small band of explorers. "Oooh, not too far, I'd say" Replied the old man. "We should be just about there when this cigarette that I'm smokin' runs out!". Right, I thought. If that's the case, then that cigarette has got to be the slowest burning cigarette I have ever seen in my life because I could have sworn we had been walking since 7 this morning!

I was just getting to the point where I was starting to get fed up with I have seen. It was greeneries after greeneries as far as the eyes could see. Add that to the feeling that you were probably the only group of human beings within the region, paranoia can start to play a big part in your perceptive ability.

Bushes less travelled
It was funny to think that before I started doing what I always do week in, week out, I was actually fed up with life in the urban jungle. Jakarta had grown into something of a monstrous metropolis with skyscrapers,  dense living environment, mushrooming shopping malls and indoor soccer venues and flying cars and motorcycles! ...Well, maybe not the flying cars, but the motorcycles do seem to fly here that it causes this massive annoyance to your peaceful life and sometimes you just want to smack them out of their orbit. Back then I thought to myself, "Man, how I wish be out of here and be closer to nature..."

"Err.. Which way is it?"      
Well, be careful of what you wished for. As for my case, they did come true.

As the GPS on my hand indicated that I was only about a few meters away from the coordinated location, I thought to myself, "Man, how I wish to be spending time in a mall right now..."

Let's see if that one comes true or not...
Like a stroll in the park
Myself and Chris


  1. Just 40 more clicks up the river and you'll find the KFC, meng!

  2. hahahaa Kalimantan Fried Chicken yo! but i reckon it should be good!