Sunday, September 5, 2010

To Squat.. or not to Squat? That is question

"Have you got a room with a seated toilet?" asked mas Irvan, my company's Marketing Director desperately towards the inn caretaker during one of our work field trip to Biduk-Biduk in East Kalimantan. Once the caretaker told him that a seated toilet is non-existant at not just her inn, but the entire village, mas Irvan had the wind knocked out of him and seemed lifeless during the entire stay.

I was never aware of the importance of a seated toilet before and how vital it may impose to some people. I mean, it's just a matter of positioning yourself correctly, mix that with a well balanced core and squat. Right?

Well, it's actually more complicated than that. To some people, squatting toilet presents them with issues such as:

1. Hygiene. Most do not have a flush system thing
2. Some people just cannot squat! So, squatting itself is the main problem

When you travel to rural areas in most part of the world, you will definitely encounter these. So, its best to be prepared. Funny enough, someone has already looked into this matter and posted this video below on Youtube. I reckon it was a blessing!

For me personally, the problem that I have with these things is how in the bloody world do you flush it when they don't have the flushing system? A good friend of mine named Ruben, told me that to flush it you put your face as close as you can to the hole and shout "Get down B****!!!"

...Yeah, right

On the other hand, my company's Operations Director Chris, told me that once a crab as big as his hand came crawling out from the hole. At least that is his view of the problem.

But you have been warned!


  1. but brother tachril. i heard squatting while shitting is the best way to emptying any remaining dirt from the intestine...

  2. Do you know that in remote areas in China, some public toilets are just a slab of floor with a big hole in the middle? No walls!

  3. Hmmm... Interesting. These are worth to check