Saturday, September 4, 2010

"You should start a blog, man..."

So say my best friend who was very much amused by my unfortunate experience at a hotel somewhere in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.

It all began on the day before I left for a field survey to South Kalimantan. "So, where will you be staying over there?" asked Bu Agustine, the Admin Officer at my office in Jakarta. Arrogantly, I told her that I won't be needing her to book a hotel for me. "Don't worry, bu" I said, "I'll look for one once I got there". I mean, I have been to another city in Kalimantan before, and I witnessed heaps of hotels on offer for the visitors. So it should be the same case for South Kalimantan, I thought.

How wrong I was...

With no disrespect to the locals there, I spent my first night in Banjarmasin full of terror and was having the worst time ever! It was right at that moment, my good friend Arya messaged me on my Blackberry, asking me the usual queries: How are you, What are you doing, and Where are you.

As I pour my heart out to him, he laughed intensely and said "What a story! I think you should start a blog, man..."

hmmm... not a bad thought, I think. But who am I kidding? I was never a good writer nor a diligent one. I would be lucky to have someone read my blog!

But why not? I have read somewhere that its actually good for the soul to pour your heart out.

So, feeling fully assured, even if nobody reads my blog, at least I know that doing this will keep my sanity in check.

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